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jazz brunch

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Wednesday March 14 :
Ryles Jazz Club

The Latin Side of Billy Strayhorn

Daniel Ian Smith
- woodwinds
John Baboian  guitars
Fernando Huergo  electric bass
Russell Hoffmann  piano
Oscar Suchanek  drums and percussion

The Latin Side of Billy Strayhorn project was organized by Daniel Ian Smith as a vehicle to play the timeless compositions of the great American composer Billy Strayhorn in a contemporary world music setting. The idea was conceived in part by the great Latin Side of&. recordings by trumpet player/composer Brian Lynch and trombonist Conrad Herwig along with Smiths work alongside Argentinean bassist extraordinaire Fernando Huergo through the years in a variety of bands led by Central and South American composers. Organized in 2012, Smith invited his favorite musical colleagues to be part of this collective aggregation and the results have been magical. The members are all well respected faculty members at the Berklee College of Music. The group has been featured at the Hyde Park Jazz Festival, the Berklee College of Music, Burlington Discover Jazz Festival, and the Jazz Educators Network. The group is recognized and supported by the Strayhorn Foundation in honor of the Billy Strayhorn Centennial Celebration in 2015 and continues to be. The band performs arrangements and adaptations of Strayhorns compositions in addition to original compositions written in the spirit of Billy Strayhorn.


date : Wed, Mar 14
dinner : 5:00 pm
show : 9:00pm
genre :
venue : mainstage
tickets : available
cost : $12pp



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