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Tuesday May 03 :
Ryles Jazz Club

Return of the John Payne Sax Choir
John Payne Music Center Saxophone Choir

Sets at 8 pm & 9:30 pm

(Cambridge, MA 02139)  John Payne Quartet joined by the "Born Again" 35-member John Payne Music Center Saxophone Choir, under the direction of Duncan Martin.  Tuesday, May 3rd, sets at 8 pm & 9:30 pm.  Tickets: $10.  Ryles Jazz Club, 212 Hampshire St., Cambridge.  For advance tickets and information: 617-876-9330 or www.ryles.com.

For one night only, the John Payne Music Center (JPMC) Saxophone Choir will rise up and be "Born Again," participating in this year's Greater Boston's Jazz Week '11.  The Sax Choir, led by arranger, conductor, and sax mentor Duncan Martin, will provide the accompanying soundscape for JPMC's founder John Payne (on soprano, alto, and tenor sax) and his Quartet, with Adam Feldman on piano, Peter Tillotson on bass, and Rick Klane on drums.

The last time the Sax Choir graced  Boston-area clubs was in November 2006.  Before then, from September 1980 on, the Sax Choir had been very active, making five TV appearances and performing regularly at various venues around town, including Regattabar, Scullers, the old Oxford Ale House, the old Tam O' Shanter, and Ryles Jazz Club.  During that stretch of time, the Sax Choir rubbed elbows with the likes of Livingston Taylor, Aretha Franklin, and on two occasions with soon-to-be-elected President Bill Clinton, who even sat in with them in 1992, when they performed at a Democratic fundraiser at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel.

The Sax Choir is made up of alums and the current student body at the John Payne Music Center (JPMC).  Highly acclaimed sax player John Payne founded this music center, based in Brookline MA, because he firmly believed in the importance of providing competent, caring musical instruction to students of all ages with the clear intention of not only increasing musical ability but also maximizing musical enjoyment.  JPMC has been going strong since the early 80's, with many students evolving into professional musicians.

For the "Born Again" concert to be held during this year's Jazz Week, the Sax Choir will be providing support to soloist John Payne and his Quartet, who will be performing works by Phil Woods, Victor Feldman, Mike Mainieri, Stevie Wonder, and Harold Mabern. They will also perform two original tunes: "Gringo Salso" by John Payne and "Silver Lining" by Duncan Martin as well as Martin's lush arrangement of the spiritual "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen."  The choir will include the following 35 players:

Alto 1 section:
Asa Ericsdotter, Miriam Hyman, Emma MacAllister, Laurie Mass, Sandra Pilotto, Robert Saper, Eleanor Shavell, Janelle Slobodkin;

Alto 2 section:
Jill Altshuler (mother of section mate Zack Altshuler), Zack Altshuler (son of section mate Jill Altshuler), Rebecca Bradeen, Tim Brenner, Jason Chari, Amandine Crespy, Paul Foisy, Daniel Gorton, Nancy Gutmann, Richard Winter, Thomas Wucherpfennig;

Tenor 1 section:
Ron Brunelle, John Clippinger, Joe Moynihan, Martha Osler, Marianne Rooney;
Tenor 2 section:
Chip Benson, Jeffrey Berstein, Harvey Cox, Heather Hermann, John Mruk, Ed Musman, Bob Tumposky, Lynn Tibbetts;

Baritone section:
John Fierke, Dennis Hart, Noam Levine.


date : Tue, May 3
dinner : 5:00 pm
show : 8:00pm
genre :
venue : mainstage
tickets : available
cost : $10pp



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