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jazz brunch

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Wednesday June 19 :
Ryles Jazz Club

Jean-marie Corrois Quartet

Bill Vint: sax
Maxim Lubarsky: piano
Keala Kaumeheiwa: bass
Jean-marie Corrois: drums

This upcoming concert at Ryles will be an expression of his gratitude towards all the people who gave him their talent and knowledge directly and indirectly during these last 30 years. He hopes that thru the original compositions, the audience will enjoy La Palette des couleurs to be reflected in the music.

Having chosen Boston as his new home forthe past 10 years, French drummer Jean-marie Corrois became very active in the New England area, conducting drum clinics for the Berklee School of Music, performing in jazz clubs like Regattabar, Scullers, Beehive, and Ryles Jazz Club.

Living for 15 years in Paris, coming from the Loire Valley where he started his career, he familiarized himself with jazz and brazilian drumming. He then moved to the capital, joining the only jazz school at the time, the CIM.

There, he met young talented musicians, composers and began to perform in famous international jazz clubs like the New Morning and the Sunset.

The multi-cultural blending of the parisian scene had him touched to many styles of music, as african musicians like Richard Bona and Moktar Samba, who played with Pat metheny and Joe Zawinul, where very in demand over there for many years, Jean-marie as a young musician was very eager to learn from them this mixing of traditional african music and jazz.

Today, he keeps looking for new horizons, never stopping learning by opening his mind to whatever comes to him to enrich his view of life thru music.


date : Wed, Jun 19
dinner : 5:00 pm
show : 9:00pm
genre :
venue : mainstage
tickets : available
cost : $10pp



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