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jazz brunch

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Mitch's BBQ
Thursday August 07 :
Ryles Jazz Club

The Greg Hopkins Nonet
This mini big band is homage to three brilliant jazz nonets from the past and more. With a repertoire that includes several original arrangements from the influential "Birth of the Cool" recordings, this band might appear to be a mere recreation of the Davis nonet. Yet that legendary unit of the late '40s is only one of the models that have inspired this new unit. Also identified are two Blue Note albums from the late 60s, McCoy Tyners "Tender Moments" and Herbie Hancock's "The Prisoner," as specific inspirations.

With that historic nod in mind, jazz composer and arranger Greg Hopkins has created yet another body of works for the same instrumentation in his own unique and original voice.

The group will perform some of the original "Birth of the Cool" music and some McCoy Tyner and lots of Hopkins' originals at their upcoming performance at Ryles Jazz Club, Inman Sq, Cambridge, Thursday, August 7th, 9:00-12:00 PM.

The tight knit 9-piece unit boasts some of the best jazz talent anywhere. Hopkins, long time Professor of Jazz Composition at Berklee College, was soloist/arranger for the Buddy Rich Band 1972-1974, before settling in the Boston area. Alongside Hopkins, other famous jazz luminaries in the group are: pianist Tim Ray, drummer Bob Gullotti, bassist Keala Kaumeheiwa, trombonist Jeff Galindo, tubist Greg Fritze, and saxophonists Shannon LeClaire and Allan Chase, and French hornist Megan Riccio.


date : Thu, Aug 7
dinner : 5:00 pm
show : 9:00pm
genre :
venue : mainstage
tickets : available
cost : $10pp



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