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jazz brunch

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Mitch's BBQ
Wednesday August 16 :
Ryles Jazz Club

Con Sabor Colombiano
Con Sabor

Through a creative instrumentation, Con Sabor Colombiano presents new sounds of Colombian Folk music mixed with contemporary styles. With harp and violin as leading instruments, presenting Pasillos, Bambucos, Joropos as well as afro-caribbean and pacific rhythms: Cumbias, Currulaos, Porros and much more for a tribute to Colombia through music.

Nicolas Castaneda Lozano: Harp / Cuatro
Pilar Zorro: Violin
Issac Matus Rodriguez: Percussion / Gaita
Javier Vivas: Clarinet
Lizje Sarria: Voice
Javier Rojas: Electric Bass

Issac Matus (Percussion/Gaita)

Isaac Matus is a musician from Bogotá, Colombia. His music explores a combination of Colombian and Latin American music with an electronic flair along with other contemporary styles. He mainly plays guitar, percussion and a colombian indigenous wind instrument called Gaita. Aside from that, his passion for music from all over the world has lead him to become a producer and arranger with a diverse set of skills.

Javier Rojas (Electric Bass)

Javier Rojas was born on October 7, 1994 in Quito, Ecuador to a musically inclined family. Surrounded by the inspiration and love of music from his family, Javier self-taught himself to play electric bass at the age of 13. His performance style combines the influences of Ecuadorian traditional music, R&B, Funk, Pop, Salsa, Afro-Cuban and Jazz.

Lizje Sarria (Voice)

Graduated from Berklee College of Music, Lizje Sarria is a Colombian performer born in Los Angeles, California. SOULFUL MUSIC is what identifies her as a singer-songwriter, arranger, vocal director and as a solo artist.

Pilar Zorro (Violin)

Pilar Zorro born in Colombia, is a contemporary violist graduated from New England Conservatory Of Music. Through her instrument, she explores new ways of performing traditional folk music from Latin America.

Nicolas Castañeda Lozano (llanera Harp)

Outstanding llanera harp performer originally from Bogota, Colombia who has received numerous awards as a solo harpist and Latin American composer. He currently resides in Boston after coming to the city to attend Berklee College of Music where he majored in Jazz Composition. http://www.ncastaneda.com/

Javier Vivas (Clarinet)

Graduated from Berklee College of Music in Jazz Composition originally from Colombia, Javier is a clarinet - multi instrumentalist development professional, experienced with eighteen years of proven success at international bands and as soloist.


date : Wed, Aug 16
dinner : 5:00 pm
show : 9:00pm
genre :
venue : mainstage
tickets : available
cost : $10pp



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